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  • (Polski) Animacje komputerowe i filmy promocyjne

    Animation techniques can be used in a number of ways and they offer almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating and transforming reality. Animation brings to life that which seems impossible in real world. The characters we draw can play in a thriller, a cartoon or product promo campaign. Sky is the limit!

    Dobra Forma will tackle a variety of ideas: commercials, music videos, infomercials,  promotional videos on Youtube, scenography animation (e.g. for use during concerts) and many more.

  • (Polski) Identyfikacje wizualne i grafiki firmowe

    What’s the big deal about corporate identity? Aren’t there numerous companies which manage without it, albeit with various effects? Corporate identity unifies the company’s image, so that – in the eyes of potential customers – it becomes a distinctive brand associated with specific values. Consistent corporate image enhances the company’s exposure and carries the promise of professionalism, as corporate identity has become a standard in recent years amongst companies which strive to maintain top quality client relations.

    When designing logos, business cards, company stationery, email footers, and other corporate gadgets, we do our best to meet our customers’ expectations and follow the criteria of good design. Our offer also includes preparation of logo and CI books.


  • (Polski) Projektowanie i programowanie stron WWW

    To say that Internet communication is the fastest and least expensive way to reach customers is a cliché. However, few people recognize this form of communication as an important element of business strategy. The Internet is chock-full of sites that are so dreadful that potential customers run in horror. It’s time to replace this scare tactics with some ‘care tactics’! A user-friendly website is both about good looks and easy navigation which helps visitors get the most of their online experience.

    Our offer includes assistance in designing and creating websites. We also adapt the site’s template to CMS (Content Management System) platforms, which allows customers to easily modify their content.



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